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upper markings.

Cape Petrel

Also known as the Cape pigeon, Pintado petrel, or Cape fulmar, it is a common Southern Ocean species frequently seen flying behind ships but isn’t the easiest bird to photograph.

fence post and gorse

Fence post and gorse

the theme of today’s image with its bold colour is neglect.

anticrepuscular rays over beagle channel

Anti-crepuscular rays and the alternative sunset

it’s worth looking in the opposite direction to the sun to see what’s happening in the sky behind you. Sometimes it makes for a more interesting image.

shattered view

Shattered view, Ushuaia

Was it a bullet or perhaps a stone from a slingshot that caused the effect? I’ll never know.

The graffitist’s lair

The building, with it’s roof long gone, had obviously become the playground of graffitists with their tags and discarded spray cans everywhere.

A smiling sea lion

Sea lion artwork, Ushuaia

enlivening an otherwise unremarkable wall

I’m a shipping container!

Smiley face shipping container

It hardly gets more banal than shipping containers on a waterfront, but in this case someone saw fit to paint a smilie face on the end of a container.

needs a tyre

Ferrari needs a tyre

Even a fairly banal, industrial, scene can be of photographic interest, especially if you look for the quirky.

mirrored chaos, Ushuaia

Mirrored Chaos

Some people consider cracked mirrors to be bad luck, not me. Today’s photo is from Ushuaia in Southern Argentina, one of the most southerly ports before hitting Antarctica. The convex traffic mirror provides a distorted view of things when in good order, but when broken the disconnect with reality is exaggerated further! Cracked mirrors can be good luck! Ushuaia, Argentina.

raja ampat panorama

Raja Ampat Panorama

the photograph was taken after a sweaty late morning hike up a hill to an elevation of about 200-300 metres.

late afternoon vantage point

Cloudscapes, Papua.

A series of toned monochrome images where clouds are the subject.

iridescent beetle on leaf

Sphingnotus mirabilis

Identifiable by its white stripes and iridescent green colouring, Sphingnotus mirabilis is a species of beetle belonging to the family Cerambycidae.