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Remembering Jack Kurtz

It is with sadness that I note the passing of noted photojournalist Jack Kurtz.   I had the good fortune to meet and travel with Jack through Nepal in 2017 as part of a small group photographic adventure/workshop.   Jack was what I thought of as an “old school” photojournalist,  with a 30 year plus career which included working for various newspapers in the USA and travelling widely outside the US as well. He struck me as a warm, sincere man, generous […]

Why do we post photos?

Motivated to make Art? Why do we take photographs?   For many people, it’s to record their lives and the lives of those around them.  To record important events,  personal or family milestones.   To push a political or social agenda?   To make a living through commercial photography,  weddings,  babies,  portraiture,  advertising, etc.   For some it’s about personal expression,  trying to convey an idea perhaps.   Dare I say it,  make art!  No doubt in some/many cases two or more motivations may […]

Facebook versus the Australian Government.

Social media alternatives.

It seems that monopolies (or near-monopolies) just can’t help themselves and are drawn to abusing their market domination.

Honest Abe, misinformation and the role of social media.

Myth, misinformation and the role of social media

the role of social media in promoting misinformation explored.

London’s historic Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey

a more conventional view of London’s historic Westminster Abbey.

Getting it right on the environment.

It’s good to see the occasional story about what we can do right. The needs of the environment and the needs of humanity are inextricably linked.

Goodbye Google Analytics?

Time to dump Google Analytics?

if yours is a small web site,  Google Analytics statistics are now so skewed by spammers as to be completely meaningless.

software supplier

Parliamentary Inquiry into software pricing.

Why are Australian consumers consistently ripped off? The Australian Government announces a Parliamentary Inquiry into Software Price …

a message from Adobe

The Great Adobe Lightroom ripoff.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, a good product. Sadly it comes with Adobe’s Shameful Discriminatory Pricing Policy.