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Parrot in a cage.

Image gallery update

I have recently gone through another website restructuring,  changing platforms and hosting companies.   This brings a number of challenges as I update and reformat content.    Think of it as “housekeeping”,  like cleaning the bathroom,  it just has to be done.  It’s a time-consuming endeavour!   The observant reader might notice that the menu system has been amended.   I am rebuilding my photo galleries which can now be accessed via the new “Image Galleries” tab. Parrot in a cage, Hong […]


Revised newsletter subscription

the newsletter subscription process has been amended

Circa 2017

10 years of blogging

a look back over 10 years of blogging and a changing internet

The feathers are flying!

two eagles went for the same fish with a mid-air tug-of-war sending feathers flying.

Using search and a WP plugin warning.

A warning for anyone running a WordPress based website and using the W3 Total Cache plugin


Red-crowned Cranes

A selection of Red-Crowned Crane images captured in Hokkaido, Japan.

Web browser colour discrepancies

Unreliable image reproduction online,  are current web browsers at fault?

Gallery Updates Dec 15

some updates to my image galleries.

Launching the Newsletter

Stay abreast of what’s happening.   Subscribing to the Newsletter is easy.

Goodbye Google Analytics?

Time to dump Google Analytics?

if yours is a small web site,  Google Analytics statistics are now so skewed by spammers as to be completely meaningless.