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The feathers are flying!

two eagles went for the same fish with a mid-air tug-of-war sending feathers flying.

Japan 2016 image gallery.

Winter in Japan gallery now posted

a gallery of photos taken in Japan in the winter of 2016.

Sunrise reflected, Hokkaido

an icy cold morning in Hokkaido, Japan, provided some interesting photographic opportunities.


japanese red fox, hokkaido

Japanese Red Fox, Hokkaido

A Japanese Red Fox walking through the snow,  puts it’s head up in the air,  it’s ears forward and looks straight at the camera,  making for a memorable photo.


Trees in winter landscape, Hokkaido.

Minimalist black and white winter landscapes of Hokkaido might be something of a cliche. Regardless, such scenes draw the eye and compel you to take a photo!

Red-crowned Cranes

A selection of Red-Crowned Crane images captured in Hokkaido, Japan.


sub-freezing overnight temperatures cause stalactite icicles to form,  reflecting the colours of the rising sun.

Whooper Swans, Lake Kussharo, Hokkaido

Lake Kussharo in Hokkaido is the largest caldera lake in Japan and is home to the beautiful whooper swan which can be approached at fairly close distance.

Primate in close up-Snow monkey, Japan.

Eye to eye with a fellow primate?    One of the residents of Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park in Japan.

Silhouetted tree, Shinjuku

Tree silhouetted against office tower, Shinjuku, Tokyo.