Sunrise reflected, Hokkaido

A quick series of images captured on the same icy morning as Cranes in the mist.    In addition to photographing birds,  and birds within the environment,  the location provided for some interesting landscape images as well.

Sunrise reflected, Hokkaido

Footprints in snow, Hokkaido

Footprints to water’s edge, Hokkaido

footprints and water ripples, Hokkaido

early morning reflections, Hokkaido

Recommended viewing.

A bit closer to home,  there is a proposal to create a new National Park to the east of my home city, Melbourne.    Details can be found at:   The website has an interesting 4 minute video presented by Prof. David Lindenmayer outlining the arguments for creating such a park,  with a sobering assessment of our current management/mismanagement of the environment.     ~KD.