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Yellowstone in Winter, coyotes.

Yellowstone provides both excellent landscape and wildlife photography opportunities including some encounters with coyotes.

Sunrise reflected, Hokkaido

an icy cold morning in Hokkaido, Japan, provided some interesting photographic opportunities.



Trees in winter landscape, Hokkaido.

Minimalist black and white winter landscapes of Hokkaido might be something of a cliche. Regardless, such scenes draw the eye and compel you to take a photo!


sub-freezing overnight temperatures cause stalactite icicles to form,  reflecting the colours of the rising sun.

Cranes in the mist, Hokkaido, Japan

Red-crowned cranes standing in the shallows of a river, the first light of the day combined with sub-freezing temperature created a misty, ethereal atmosphere.

Snow Monkey, Jigokudani, Japan

Outdoor onsens or hot springs provide welcome relief from the winter cold for Japanese Macaque monkeys.

Winter in Australia

A snow-covered road to Victoria’s Lake Mountain, outside Melbourne, is a timely reminder that parts of Australia don’t always comply with the preconceived image