Yellowstone in Winter, coyotes.

One of the prime reasons for my visiting the USA in February, 2018,  was to visit Yellowstone National Park in the northern winter.   I'd been told to expect temperatures as low as minus 30 Celsius and equipped myself accordingly with extreme temperature rated footwear, gloves, etc, etc, expensive, etc!   As it turned out,  this winter in Yellowstone was unusually mild,  the locals referring to it as a "hot" winter with temperatures hovering around freezing point for the most part.   "Hot" is clearly a relative term!  :-)

My trip was as part of a small group adventure led by experienced pro photographers and naturalists Jeff Vanuga and Eric Rock.   In addition to their healthy senses of humour,  both have lived in and photographed the region for decades.

The trip provided both excellent landscape and wildlife photography opportunities including some encounters with coyotes.    The photographs below relate to an episode at Old Faithful Geyser.  We had gathered near the geyser early morning to await its activity when one of the resident coyotes made an appearance.  My first sighting of this animal was from the far end of the boardwalk too far away to immediately get a shot with the 100-400mm lens.   I recall looking up and seeing him rim lit in gorgeous early morning light and called out to any member of our group who could hear me,  "Wow,  someone get the shot".

I moved as quickly as I could to get closer,  mindful of firstly,  not falling over on the icy surface and secondly not creating such a commotion as to stress the animal.   Fortunately,  this individual was probably quite accustomed to seeing people in its territory and was fairly relaxed.

Old Faithful's resident coyotes. An early morning stroll for one of Old Faithful's resident coyotes.

Pausing to check out the photographers who in turn were watching his every move.

as he continues on his way A last glance over his shoulder as he continues on his way, Old Faithful steaming in the background.

These images and more are part of the growing USA 2018 gallery.