A visit to the Guggenheim

My travels through the USA continue….   Since my last post (about the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco) I’ve covered a fair bit of ground within the US,  and beyond!   It’s a rainy day as I write and so a good time to get the blog up to date!  🙂

My first day in New York City,  like today,  was a rainy one and so a visit to the Guggenheim Museum on the upper west side was in order.   I’ve seen many photos over the years from this iconic location,  the museum is as notable for the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture with its fabulous sweeping geometric lines and curves as for its art collection.

Among the decisions to be made,  was how to place people within the context of the architecture.   The museum is a popular location (particularly on a rainy day!) with the first dilemma being, “how do I cope with the crowd?”   My preference was generally to isolate one or two figures within the frame and within the geometry of the building.

The architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright The architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, Guggenheim Museum. The use of a tripod in such a place is impractical, in fact, if memory serves me well, it’s not permitted. Hence all photos were taken handheld with image stabilization and a steady hand required.

Lines and curves Lines and curves exist everywhere within the building with compositions possible looking in all directions including downwards from the upper levels.

viewing art at the Guggenheim As readers may have noticed, a recurring theme in my photography is to render people in public places as a transient presence. In this case, a slow shutter speed achieves that effect.
Young boy at the Guggenheim Bored…. triangles, curves and an awkward human posture…. Young boy at the Guggenheim

These images and others are part of my USA 2018 gallery.     ~KD