Golden Gate Bridge… trying to find a different angle!

A visit to San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge presents a problem for the photographer.   The bridge is visited by millions of people each year and has been photographed from every conceivable angle and in all light and weather conditions.   Capturing something new or different is virtually impossible.

During my visit, the weather unfortunately was clear and sunny.  I say unfortunately because the most interesting pictures I’ve seen from this location have made use of San Francisco’s sometimes foggy weather.

In the end, I simply tried to make the most of the brilliant red on blue colour contrasts,  look for engineering details and utilize camera movements to abstract the images where possible.    Here are a few examples,  more can be found in the USA 2018 gallery.   ~KD

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco One of the “classic” bridge shots, nothing special but I’ll use it here to set the scene.

red, white and blue

A more heavily processed image than my norm, intentional camera movement was used but the structure is still readily identifiable.

red lines and sky

Perhaps less obvious, again deliberate camera movement was used and taking advantage of the red on blue colour contrast.
Down-town San Francisco Downtown San Francisco using only part of the bridge as a compositional device.