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viewing art at the Guggenheim

A visit to the Guggenheim

the Guggenheim Museum, as notable for the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture with its fabulous sweeping geometric lines and curves as for its art collection.

Silhouetted tree, Shinjuku

Tree silhouetted against office tower, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Urban blue, Hong Kong

Looking directly upwards from a public space in Hong Kong to capture the towers as they reach skyward.

The Blue Door, Haridwar

a quiet image, almost abstract. Simple, graphic, with one boldly coloured element in an otherwise (almost) monochrome scene.

Ceiling detail, Quwwatul Islam Masjid

Quwwatul-Islam (might of Islam) Masjid is part of a complex of mosques,  cloisters and courtyards built in what is now Delhi between the 12th and 14th centuries

The bell tower, Xian

The city of Xian in China is best known for its amazing terracotta warriors,  however there are other interesting things to see there including the bell tower

Antigua, Guatemala.

The town of Antigua in Guatemala, has many old buildings and cobblestone streets, some of which have hardly changed in hundreds of years.