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The old church. Guatemala

Set in a simple graveyard, the once imposing church is now a ruin, the interior and roof destroyed many years ago by fire leaving just the stone ..

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Egret, Lake Peten Itza, Guatemala

A solitary egret stands by the edge of Lake Peten Itza near the town of Flores, Guatemala.

Lake Atitilan, Guatemala

Guatemala has numerous volcanoes some of which are among the most active in the world,  Lake Atitilan is surrounded by several.

Lone Egret, Flores, Guatemala.

A monochrome image was taken in Guatemala near Flores and depicts a single white egret at the water’s edge.

Antigua, Guatemala.

The town of Antigua in Guatemala, has many old buildings and cobblestone streets, some of which have hardly changed in hundreds of years.

Fumaroles, Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

Several of these fumaroles exist at the top of the volcano, spitting out smoke, steam, and sulphur which can be seen as a yellowish crust in the picture.

Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala.

Pacaya, one of the most active volcanoes in the world

All alone on a volcano.

It was at this time that I heard a crackling hissing sound nearby, turned around, and saw that about 10 metres away the ground had opened up and there was now hot red lava following out of the newly formed crevice.