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Pantanal – Yellow-billed Cardinal

The Yellow-billed Cardinal (Paroaria capitata), photographed in Brazil’s Pantanal region, where it is a common sight.   A species in the Thraupidae or Tanager family,  it is also found in the neighbouring countries of Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, and the northern parts of Argentina.   Despite its common name,  it is not very closely related to the Cardinals of the Cardinalidae family which have a wider distribution into North America. These birds were photographed early morning requiring ISO 2000,  not a […]

Kittiwake over ice. Svalbard 2023

The black-legged kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla) is a frequent sight in Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions.  A member of the gull family, this individual was photographed from the deck of a small ship in the Svalbard Archipelago.  These birds would often follow behind the ship waiting for small marine life to be stirred up in the ship’s wake. I decided to process this image as a black and white with a subtle sepia toning.    I particularly like the arc of water […]

Snow Bunting, Svalbard

Snow Bunting leaving nest, Svalbard. The snow bunting leaving its nest tucked away in a rock crevice.   Some people maintain that birds should never be photographed at a nest.  This is well meaning as some species are sensitive to any approach and may abandon a nest.    This species was understood to be tolerant and this bird was unconcerned by our approach and presence as it went about its activities.    The bird was fast moving and unpredictable.   […]

Green Bee-eater

Photographed in India’s Kahna Tiger Reserve, a Green Bee-eater pauses on a twig with its catch.   These birds were frequently seen but required a long focal length lens to get a decent picture.  In this case the 150-600mm zoom on a Fujifilm XH2s at the 600mm end of the zoom range.   On the XH2s this gives the angle of view equivalent of 900mm on a full frame 35mm camera. Used at the lens’ widest aperture, F8.0, a shutter […]

Blue-eyed Shags

Shags are quite the aerialists!   Splaying their wings and feet to increase wind resistance and slow down for landing within the colony.

South Georgia Pipit

Return of the Pipit

thanks to the efforts of the South Georgia Heritage Trust,  the once threatened South Georgia Pipit is making a welcome come back.

Rock Cormorant

Rock Cormorant, Bleaker Island.

The beautiful Rock Cormorant nests on cliff ledges overlooking the sea in the Falkland Islands.


The Sunbirds of Kirstenbosch Gardens.

The gardens of Kirstenbosch in Capetown, provide wonderful glimpses of multi-coloured sunbirds feeding on flowering proteas.

Early morning, Keoladeo National Park.

an early morning in Keoladeo National Park at Bharatpur, India,  provides some pleasing wildlife and bird photography opportunities.

Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, India.

A collection of photos from the renowned bird sanctuary and wetland