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fence post and gorse

Fence post and gorse

the theme of today’s image with its bold colour is neglect.

Gentoo chick calling for its parent, Weddell Island, Falkland Islands

Gentoo Penguins, Weddell Island

Gentoos are quite a successful species. Whereas the range for some penguin species has shrunk in recent years, the range for Gentoos has actually extended with them displacing other species in some locations.

A Gentoo Penguin chick sits at the edge of a colony.

Chick on the edge.

when photographing a penguin colony, it’s worth looking around the edges of the group to try and isolate an individual.

A wide-angle lens and a low viewpoint.

Hanging with Al.

Black-browed albatross nest on several of the Falkland Islands. By February most of the chicks are well developed, some with their adult plumage starting to show through.

Gentoo Penguin launches itself from the water

Penguins can fly.

A recent visit to the Falkland Islands revealed that penguins can fly, or at least some penguins can jump very well!

Blue-eyed Shags

Shags are quite the aerialists!   Splaying their wings and feet to increase wind resistance and slow down for landing within the colony.