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Hong Kong Gallery now posted.

A selection of original photographs by Kevin Dowie is now online.

Light trails left by long exposure, Hong Kong.

Harbour traffic by night

a 30 second exposure with a tripod-mounted camera allows passing harbour traffic to register as light trails against the neon lights of Hong Kong.

Double deckers, Hong Kong.

…. double-decker trams, a result no doubt of the many years of British influence there.

Tin Hau Temple

Easily accessible via Hong Kong’s public transport network, this temple offers some interesting photographic opportunities.

Urban blue, Hong Kong

Looking directly upwards from a public space in Hong Kong to capture the towers as they reach skyward.

Golden glow, Hong Kong by night

remarkable as digital imaging technology is, it wouldn’t be possible to get a usable single image that would deliver the dynamic range of the finished photo.

Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong

Taking photos in the complex was a matter of moving quietly, respecting the activities of others, and dealing with challenging light conditions.

Coca Cola, Hong Kong

A delivery truck sighted in the Tsim Sha Tsui district of Hong Kong. Colour, geometric shapes, and lines….

Aquarium fish, Mong Kok

Mong Kok, Hong Kong is known for being a centre for the sale of beautiful aquarium fish of all sorts,  colours,  sizes.

Hong Kong, abstracts, candids, reflections

in Hong Kong during a sustained period of dreary weather taking candid shots of people, abstracts, and being drawn to colourful reflections.