Double deckers, Hong Kong.

Returning to Hong Kong earlier this year,  I was delighted to see that their iconic double-decker trams are still in regular use.    Living in Melbourne,  I am of course familiar with tram services,  my home city having a real attachment to this form of public transport.  However, Hong Kong is,  to my knowledge at least,  the only place that has double-decker trams,  a result of no doubt the many years of British influence there. These vehicles,  in addition to being environmentally friendly,  lend themselves to wonderful,  colourful,  decoration with advertising images and slogans.  Each tram is a mobile work of art.   I found myself photographing them during the late afternoon and evening,  using slow shutter speeds,  with and without panning,  to try and give a sense of movement.

159 to Causeway Bay

With the camera on a tripod and a slow shutter speed used,  other vehicles moving past registered as light trails.

Tram to Happy Valley
At the speed of light!
Tram 97, Hong Kong

With slow shutter speed and panning,  the tram moves through a blurred cityscape.    This technique,  which I discussed before,  is fairly hit and miss but can result in pleasing effects.

Tram tracks, Hong Kong

Above,  a slow shutter speed and deliberate camera movement give a more abstract feel to simple tram tracks.

Cookie Rolls on wheels.

Upcoming posts.

As readers may have detected by the recent flurry of activity,  I’m making a determined effort to complete the processing of my Hong Kong images.   I anticipate another 3 to 4 blog posts in the coming week or so,  following which I’ll put together a fairly extensive image gallery.  Then I can make a real start on my many images from Japan,  also captured earlier this year!

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