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Golden glow, Hong Kong by night

No visit to Hong Kong would be complete without making the trip up to Victoria Peak to take in (and of course photograph) the world-famous view over the city and its harbour.   The challenge is to try and get something a little different to the many of millions of,  almost identical,  images taken by everyone else! As I walked along the footpath I was drawn to this scene.    A simple enough image in concept but technically challenging!

As remarkable as digital imaging technology is,  it was never going to be possible to get a usable single image that would deliver the dynamic range of the finished image.    Compositing or HDR would be required.     In this case, HDR processing really struggled to achieve anything like an acceptable result so,   it was a case of compositing.  The two images were carefully aligned,   fairly straightforward as the shots were taken with the camera on a sturdy tripod,  then some masking with several curves adjustments to tweak the contrast in different parts of the image.

If anyone would like a more detailed explanation,  just let me know!    🙂  KD

Golden glow, Hong Kong by night

This image is part of the Hong Kong image gallery.   ~KD

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