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Wildlife in China and not a panda in sight

snow monkeys, more correctly macaque monkeys. For several years people have enticed the monkeys to come to the edge of a forest by scattering loose corn for them.

From school kids to senior citizens

The curiosity of the kids was matched by their elders who were only too pleased to pause for a photo.

The red umbrella, Fengjie, China.

A number of classical compositional themes here, the single figure on a “rule of thirds” placement, the single contrasting colour element (the umbrella) against the generally muted earthy tones, the recurring lines, and the rock textures.

Huangshan Mountains, China

the Huangshan Mountains, a region that has inspired artists, poets, and others for centuries with its rocky outcrops, forests and sometimes mysterious misty atmosphere.

Ridgeline, Huangshan Mountains, China

the Huangshan Mountains, a region that has inspired artists and poets for centuries with its scenery and often misty weather.

Legs for brakes.

Pictured on the outskirts of Yangshuo, this young woman was maneuvering her cart, loaded high with what appear to be plastic bottles, down a fairly steep hill.

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A strange play of light. Huangshan Mountains, China

Huangshan Mountains (Yellow Mountains), China. The late afternoon provides oblique angled shafts of light pouring in through the gap in the mountains.

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China 1999 continued….woman riding tricycle

Things are changing fast in China with increasing industrialization and extraordinary economic growth, there is a growing push for people to use more and more motor vehicles.

The waterfront, Yangzi River, Fengjie, China.

passengers disembark boats on the Yangzi River at the small town of Fengjie (Fenji). Access from boats to the town was gained by walking across barges and walkways over the water before climbing up the steep stairs to the town proper.

Fengjie, China.

With a history predating 700bc, the town of Fengjie (Fenji) is now submerged beneath the waters of the Yangzi River due to the Three Gorges Dam project.