Category : Landscape

Shepherd's hut

Shepherd’s hut and Dhaulagiri, Nepal.

Photographing a grand landscape it pays to pause and carefully consider the compositional possibilities

Annapurna Range

Sunset on the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal.

 With the sun low in the sky,  the scene is strongly side-lit which has the effect of giving the features in the landscape some dimensionality.

late afternoon vantage point

Cloudscapes, Papua.

A series of toned monochrome images where clouds are the subject.

the crack

Slot canyons, Arizona.

Striated rocks, varying colours, shapes, curving lines, the play of light, the photographic possibilities are endless.

monochrome desert

Monument Valley, USA

the importance of including both foreground and background subject matter to add a sense of depth to a photograph.

Full moon, Valley of the Queens, Egypt

Early morning and the full moon hangs over Egypt’s Valley of the Queens.

Storm Clouds over Andaman Sea.

Stormy weather over the Andaman Sea provides drama to a landscape image.

Stirling Ranges, Western Australia.

An imperfect panorama.   Compiled from a series of 4 photographs taken on 35mm colour negative film and with no attempt at a “seamless” result.

Porongurup National Park

Spring in Porongurup National Park, Western Australia, and a field of wild daisies extends to the national park’s impressive granite rock outcrops.

Clouds Reflected, Okavango Delta, Botswana

The mirror like waters of the Okavango Delta can provide some wonderful reflections.