Stirling Ranges, Western Australia.

An imperfect panorama.

Compiled from a series of 4 photographs I took in the Stirling Ranges in Western Australia back in 1990, using 35mm colour negative film.   As discussed in the post dated 24.10.12 ( Albany, Western Australia, stitched panorama ),  I adopted the practice back then of taking several images, as what we might now call panels,  of landscapes that were just too wide for me to capture in a single frame, with the intention of putting them together as a collage or panoramic.

These individual frames show the effect of stepping, where I failed to keep the camera in perfect alignment between each shot.   It would be possible of course to digitally stitch the images together using today’s computer software and then crop to a regular shaped final frame.   However, in this instance, I decided to simply layer the frames together without attempting to blend them together in a seamless manner.    This essentially reproduces the effect I got in the pre-digital age when I arranged 6×4 inch prints by hand,  on the kitchen table!    ~KD.

Stirling Ranges, Western Australia panorama

*** Update 6.11.14:   A gallery of my Western Australia images is now online. 🙂 KD ***