Huangshan Mountains, China

Whilst travelling through China during 1999,  I visited the Huangshan Mountains,  a region that has inspired artists,  poets, and others for centuries with its rocky outcrops, forests and sometimes mysterious misty atmosphere.   Like so many before me,  I was drawn to the elements of rock formations,  forests, and lighting.   All those elements are present in this image which was made whilst walking one of the many trails.   The image was captured late in the day hence the low angle light which can be seen coming in from the left.

Rocky outcrops, Huangshan Mountains

The image was originally captured handheld on 35mm colour negative film using a Pentax SF7 with 28-80 mm zoom lens.   Photoshop processing of the image involved contrast and minor colour saturation enhancements together with dodging and burning to bring out the sky toning and vignette the corners.    A localized contrast adjustment was made to the rock outcrop.

This image is part of my China 1999 image gallery.   ~KD.