Using search and a WP plugin warning.

Using the Archive Search facility.

From time to time readers may wish to visit the Archive page to search for content through the tag cloud or category list.    Also on this page is a search facility,  if you’re looking for a particular term or subject.

One thing which I noticed recently when checking the system,  is how it handles phrases as opposed to individual words.    For example;  if you search for a single word such as;  Elephant,   then the system will duly list the blog entries relevant to that word.    However, if you enter a phrase such as;  Mara River,   then the system will search for both the individual words and list the blog entries appropriate to either.     So a search results list, in this case, could be;    Mara River,  Wildebeest crossing the Mara River,  Ganges River,  boat on the Ganges River,  Yangtze River,  riverboats,  etc.    As a means of refining the search and returning only the entries relevant for that phrase,  it’s necessary to use quotation marks in the search box.   So,  “Mara River” would return only;   Mara River, (and)  Wildebeest crossing the Mara River from the previous list.

WordPress plugin warning.

A warning for anyone running a WordPress based website and using the W3 Total Cache plugin,  as is the case with this website. When entering your admin panel,  you may be prompted to upgrade/update to the most recent version (0.9.5) of W3TC.    Please don’t do so.   This version unfortunately is unstable and will likely cause your site to crash.   (This site was offline for an hour or so today for this very reason,  my apologies,  ~KD)

Additionally,  you are likely to lose access to your wp-admin panel as well. I’ve just spent (wasted) a considerable amount of time repairing my website,  thank goodness I had a recent website backup to draw on!  If you are using this plugin, the previous version ( appears to be stable.    I’m not the only one that’s had problems, WordPress forums are currently full of discussion regards the issue. If anyone does have trouble post update,  message me for details on how to fix it.

Meanwhile,  this should act as a reminder of the importance of regularly backing up a website and any other computer/data files for that matter!