Westminster Abbey

Following on from yesterday’s post, a more conventional view of London’s historic Westminster Abbey.

London’s historic Westminster Abbey. London’s historic Westminster Abbey.

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Staying true to yourself.

An interesting read from US-based photographer Cole Thompson on the subject of keeping criticism in perspective and following your own path. Whilst the discussion revolves around photography and artistic expression, the principles could well be applied more broadly. (Recommended reading)

“trust your instincts. Other’s advice may be sincere and right for them, but it may not be right for you.”

— Cole Thompson

We live in an age where, thanks to the internet, everyone has a soapbox. The ill-informed have equal access with the well-informed, the belligerent with the amicable. The loudest voices are rarely the wisest. Whilst well-intentioned critique can be useful or thought-provoking, taking to heart every criticism, positive or negative, can wear you down or derail you. Increasingly I’m adopting the attitude; hear it, put it to one side, and then move on.