Why do we post photos?

Motivated to make Art?

Why do we take photographs?   For many people, it’s to record their lives and the lives of those around them.  To record important events,  personal or family milestones.   To push a political or social agenda?   To make a living through commercial photography,  weddings,  babies,  portraiture,  advertising, etc.   For some it’s about personal expression,  trying to convey an idea perhaps.   Dare I say it,  make art!  No doubt in some/many cases two or more motivations may come together.

Today, a mystery.   What the hell is that photo?

More questions than answers

What is it?  Where, why, how?   Do I wish to answer one or any of these questions?   Do I feel the need to explain it?   Do I care or worry if others like it?   Will anybody even notice in an age where photos are being posted on the internet in their millions every day and no one gives them more than a brief glance at best anyway?   Am I trying to pander to a fickle or non-existent audience?

Social media acknowledgement. Why bother?

“What goal are we chasing? Is there actually any real reason that we take photographs beyond the transient virtual hug of an Internet upvote? If we stopped throwing our photographs out into the sucking vacuum of the Internet would anyone either notice or care? Would you carry on taking photographs if there were no Internet points available? ”
— pdnonline.com

For a non-existent audience or for our own satisfaction?

“You are your own first and most important audience. That’s how you please your audience. By making your art for you.
Surrounded by the metrics of social media …. it’s easy to begin thinking that they are your audience. They are not. Not at first. You are.
You are …. the only one that can make the art you most want, or need, to see in the world. Let that be enough. ”
— David DuChemin

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David duChemin



Let me acknowledge that this item might be one of the most rambling and incoherent I’ve posted in ages.   I guess at times the whole blogging thing seems pointless,  PDN’s “sucking vacuum of the Internet” line just rings so true.    This jumble of ideas has been sitting in the “draft” folder for too long and so I’m posting it.   If anyone actually reads it,  they can make of it what they will!   ~KD.