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Why do we post photos?

Motivated to make Art? Why do we take photographs?   For many people, it’s to record their lives and the lives of those around them.  To record important events,  personal or family milestones.   To push a political or social agenda?   To make a living through commercial photography,  weddings,  babies,  portraiture,  advertising, etc.   For some it’s about personal expression,  trying to convey an idea perhaps.   Dare I say it,  make art!  No doubt in some/many cases two or more motivations may […]

Facebook versus the Australian Government.

Social media alternatives.

It seems that monopolies (or near-monopolies) just can’t help themselves and are drawn to abusing their market domination.

Honest Abe, misinformation and the role of social media.

Myth, misinformation and the role of social media

the role of social media in promoting misinformation explored.

Sanur Beach, Bali. Low tide.

Low Tide, Sanur Beach, Bali

stranded high and dry by the falling tide.

The feathers are flying!

two eagles went for the same fish with a mid-air tug-of-war sending feathers flying.