Low Tide, Sanur Beach, Bali

Another image from my Indonesia 2018 image gallery. A boat is left high and dry by the falling tide on Sanur Beach, Bali.

Sanur Beach, Bali. Low tide. High and dry. Fishing boat at low tide, Sanur Beach, Bali.

Changes to social media.

Goodbye, Google Plus!   On October 8, 2018, Google announced that it was shutting down Google+ for consumers, citing low user engagement and a software error that potentially exposed the data of hundreds of thousands of users.  Personally, I haven’t interacted with Google + for some time. What started out looking quite promising soon lost its appeal to me as I saw what, I felt, amounted to a dubious numbers game regards followers and influence but little real value.

In regards to Facebook. I have till now maintained two pages, one a personal page and the second a business-oriented page specifically for the website. I’ve found that the second page became redundant generating almost no interest, being the subject of highly dubious (there’s that word again) “reach” figures and being little more than an opportunity for Facebook to pester me with advertising.    It seems that generating “reach” (or at least the promise of it) is now a pay to play option aimed at milking revenue.

Those of us who commenced blogging over a decade ago can only lament at how blogging has been sucked dry by social media, which in turn is now well and truly corporatized. :-( ~KD