The plastic cocoon

Currently, in Bangkok, Thailand, there is a major arts event being staged, the Bangkok Art Biennale, 2018. Numerous art installations are on display throughout the city with the main collection being at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. It was there that today’s images were captured.

I have some misgivings about trying to create art from the art of others. We see and hear it so often today with the use of “sampling” in modern music. I can’t help but think it’s a crutch used by those who lack their own original ideas. Appropriation seems awfully close to theft, maybe I’m being too sensitive about it!

The installation here, by the Croatian/Austrian Design Collaborative Numen, is one of numerous “tape installations” they have produced around the world. The installation is designed to encourage human interaction with people climbing through the structure which is suspended between anchor points on walls, floor and ceiling.

Despite my misgivings, I was drawn to the abstract, anonymous, shapes of people moving through the installation and the metaphor of the plastic cocoon is an obvious one.

plastic cocoon Cocoon

inside a plastic cocoon Cocoon 2, Crawling inside a plastic cocoon

walking in a plastic cocoon Cocoon 3. Walking in a plastic cocoon

These images are part of the Thailand 2018 image gallery. ~KD