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walking in a plastic cocoon

The plastic cocoon

I was drawn to the abstract, anonymous, shapes of people moving through the installation and the metaphor of the plastic cocoon is an obvious one.

Electrical storm, Bangkok

An electrical storm over Bangkok provides some stunning photo opportunities.

6-37pm Bangkok

A slow shutter speed captures the blur of movement during Bangkok’s rush hour

Grand Palace, Bangkok

A combination of slow shutter speeds and compositing results in an impressionist image where people are but a fleeting presence.

Light trails, Bangkok.

The image isn’t critically sharp, it was never going to be. However, it’s far better than most people would believe possible and I think better than what would have occurred on a tripod shaking on the overpass!

Seasons fashions for headless models

Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market provides amazing shopping and bargain-hunting possibilities. During my visit, I discovered headless models, and …