Seasons fashions for headless models

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

When visiting Bangkok, one of the recommended places to visit on the weekend,  is the Chatuchak Market or weekend market.   This market is one of the largest of its type in the world with hundreds of stallholders travelling from various parts of Thailand to set up their displays and trade their goods.

The range of goods on display is mind-boggling,  it’s often said that you can buy virtually anything at the market,  clothing,  handicrafts, antiques, home-wares, pets or other animals,  food, of course,  books both old and new,  the list goes on.

Today’s image is one of many that I took during a morning visit.   To my mind, there’s something kind of offbeat about shop/store mannikins or dummies and if,  as in this case, they’re headless…well it seems even more bizarre.   Apart from the odd,  ghostly,  forms of the models,  the rest of the scene is just a riot of colour.    I do like simplicity in photos,  but that ain’t happening here!    To say that the image is “busy” is clearly an understatement.

Fashions for headless models, Bangkok

Canon 5D Mark 2 with 24-105 mm zoom lens at 24mm and F8.0.  Shutter speed 1/13 second at ISO 2000.

The value of Image Stabilization

On a tech note,  you’ll notice the shutter speed of 1/13 second,  thank goodness for image stabilization technology! (and of course careful ‘in field’ technique too!)  Processed in Adobe Lightroom,  the image got a very slight vibrance boost (7 points) and 30 points of clarity.   There were no pure blacks in the original file and so I pulled the black slider up more than usual to make the most of the contrast available in the file.

Looking at the image,  I think that an alternative,  more adventurous,  processing might yield an interesting and very different image,  that’s another little project for another day!  🙂   ~KD

PS:   I know that numerous people view (and comment on) my images when posted on Facebook,  Google+ etc,  and some then find their way here to the blog.   Sometimes it gets awfully lonely here in the blogosphere,  it’s a dark and spooky place,  sometimes I hear things go bump in the emptiness and get startled!   So please free to leave a comment,  I’ll feel so much better!  <chuckle>