6-37pm Bangkok

Rush hour in Bangkok, Thailand,  and commuters make their way home via the city’s rail network.

Rush hour, Bangkok.

I’m currently on leave,  the mail’s on hold and the telephone answering machine is unattended!   Putting some distance between myself and the office,  I’m in Thailand where I find myself taking some more experimental photos than normal.   Some experiments work,  whilst others don’t.   I guess that’s the point of experimentation!

Slow shutter speed effects.

Today’s exercise is in the use of slow shutter speeds in the hope of conveying some of the energy within the scene.   None of the people are identifiable,   but that’s as I intended, an anonymous crowd of commuters scurrying to get home.

I won’t go into great technical detail here,  if anyone wants to know more,  by all means, ask a question.   If my experiments bear fruit,  then  I think I can promise some very different types of images soon.  🙂

PS:  If things don’t look quite right,  please bear with me.   I’m working from the laptop computer whilst on the road and am at the mercy of some rather dodgy internet connections too!

Further Thailand pictures are now online!    ~KD.