Grand Palace, Bangkok

It seems that no visit to Thailand is complete without a visit to Bangkok’s extraordinary Grand Palace.   Yesterday was my 4th visit (I think!) over the course of many years,  to this iconic location.   Temperatures were hot and due to recent political upheaval in Thailand,  with the imposition of martial law and curfews etc,  tourist numbers were down from previous visits.    Not a good thing for the local Thai economy,  but a blessing for those visitors who’ve made the journey here in spite of the newspaper headlines.

Grand Palace, Bangkok

Looking through my files,  I took almost 1200 frames and probably would have taken more had I not run low on flashcards!   Note to self…. don’t take just 1 extra memory card,  take several!    Sheesh,  48 gig of memory’s better than 32 gig especially when you’re thinking of compositing!

Photo compositing.

Speaking of compositing,  of those 1200 odd frames only about 20 or so are what may be considered “conventional” photographs.  The rest are the raw materials for further exploration and discovery at the processing stage.

Which brings me to today’s image.  Obviously a composite,  25 frames in total,  and whilst I’m reasonably pleased with the image I don’t necessarily consider it to be the endpoint of this particular experiment.  Given the processing involved,  I’ll probably revisit this collection of frames and try to refine the idea further when I get home and have access to more computing power and a larger display!

And so to today’s question for readers.    Looking at the image,  how many people were present at the making of this picture?      Yes,  a trick question if ever there was one.    There are several acceptable answers given the appropriate explanations!    🙂    ~KD