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Last boat home, Bangkok.

The Chao Phraya express boat makes its final trip for the night through Bangkok. Careful handholding of the camera allows for a sharp image …

White on black, Jim Thompson House

The image shows a flowering vine growing along a solid timber upright.  The timber is painted black and hence provides quite a contrast.


Bangkok drugstore

Whilst wandering the streets of Bangkok,  I happened across a small, traditional,  drugstore where the pharmacist was busy with mortar and pestle.

Days end, Wat Arun

a small restaurant by the river which looked across the water to Wat Arun, was recommended as a great spot from which to watch the sunset.   

Fish markets, Bangkok, Thailand

The fish markets of Bangkok, Thailand, provide some opportunities to meet the people working there and also provide some enjoyable …

Reflections in a golden bauble

Zeroing in on a reflective golden bauble, gives a different, maybe off beat, way of looking at things, in the markets of Bangkok.

Footwear for Plastic feet

What the best-dressed plastic feet in Bangkok are wearing this season!

The Lady with the Plastic Ring, Bangkok, Thailand

The markets of Bangkok and a stall holder wears a plastic ring which alternately flashes green and yellow on her finger.

Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho, Bangkok

No visit to Bangkok would be complete without visiting Wat Pho.   There are several points of interest,  chief among them being the reclining Buddha.

A lazy afternoon in Bangkok

waiting for the sunset, there was a little time to spare and so it was time to explore the local brew