A lazy afternoon in Bangkok

Following my travels through India in 2010, I returned home via Bangkok, Thailand, where I stayed for just a few days. I’d heard about a small restaurant that afforded good views of Wat Arun at sunset and so headed there. Whilst waiting for the sunset, there was a little time to spare and so it was time to explore the local brew (as if an excuse was needed!) It’s not often that I present what amounts to a “product shot” but today’s the day, hopefully, it captures the feeling of the occasion.

A lazy afternoon, Bangkok, Thailand. Canon 5D Mark 2 with 24-105mm zoom at 45 mm F5.6, shutter speed 1/200 second at ISO 400.

Image processing steps

The image was processed in Adobe Lightroom 3 with fairly significant changes being made to the file as follows:

  • Increased exposure by 0.5 of a stop

  • Increased colour temperature

  • Used the recovery slider to tame some of the highlights

  • Increased localized colour saturation and “clarity” (midtone contrast)

  • Selective sharpening

  • Introduced a subtle vignette

Wish you were there?

As it turned out the sunset wasn’t one of the better ones but the early evening did produce some satisfying images,  more about that next time.   ~KD

Just for comparison sake,   here’s what the scene looked like minus the Lightroom adjustments…..

Original image prior to Lightroom enhancements.