Indian Elephant, Kaziranga National Park

If you’re an Indian Elephant in Kaziranga National Park in Assam,  you get to spend a fair bit of your time eating and throwing mud on yourself!    It was late in the day when I observed this individual and others,  and managed to get a few pictures of her as she emerged from the high grass and crossed a track in front of us.

Elephant, Kaziranga National Park, India
Elephant crossing the trail, Kaziranga National Park, India
Elephant in tall grass, Kaziranga National Park, India

All photos with Canon 5D Mark 2 and 70-300mm zoom lens.

Well, it’s taken a while but I think it’s now time to put a line under the India 2010 shots and move on!    Following on from my adventures in India in 2010,  I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Bangkok, Thailand.   Starting next week,  I’ll present some photos from my relatively brief stay there.     ~ KD.