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Zebras, South Africa

Keeping watch. Imfolozi Game Reserve, South Africa.

Late afternoon can be a busy time at the waterhole but an alert lookout must be kept for predators. Taken in Imfolozi Game Reserve, South Africa, late afternoon, one zebra keeps watch whilst others drink at the waterhole.

stairway to Chapter House, Wells Cathedral, England.

Stairway to Chapter House, Wells Cathedral

The wearing down of the stone steps by so many feet over so many years, the religious connotations of ascending towards the light….

colour or black and white, St Michael's Mount

Monochrome or Colour – St Michael’s Mount

The mount has been the subject of myth and legend for centuries. Some of these stories, recorded as far back as 495AD. I do like the blue sky but I think there is a heightened sense of drama with the monochrome. Only minor adjustments were made to contrast values.

Salisbury Cathedral

Photographing Salisbury Cathedral

a considerable amount of work was done in Lightroom and particularly in Photoshop to arrive at the finished image.

multi shot composite

Westminster Abbey and the multi shot composite.

the stack mode composite method can be a great way to deal with digital noise when using high ISOs to photograph static subjects in low light, however the technique can also be useful as a compositing system more generally.

Cafe Batavia

Bar details, Cafe Batavia.

a multi shot composite in order to deal with high ISO noise as the image was recorded handheld in low light.

The Italian Rowing Club, Tigre, Argentina.

Green, white and red, and high ISO

An exercise in digital noise suppression using multiple images in Photoshop

Molten candle

The flickering candle

an experiment in image processing.

Adornments for statue, Ubud, Bali.

Adornments for a statue, Bali

I sometimes like to think of image processing as analogous to cooking…..

Egypt image gallery.

Egypt image gallery now posted.   HDR was used to good effect to get maximum detail in a Cairo Mosque photograph.