Category : Cambodia

Cyclo driver

Cyclo driver in profile

Illustrating the value of compositing in photography.

Molten candle

The flickering candle

an experiment in image processing.

Tonle Sap

Mangroves, Tonle Sap.

The mangroves offer some interesting photos with the gently moving water surface providing constantly changing reflections of the vegetation and the light filtering through the canopy.

Young girl under umbrella

The little girl with the umbrella

sheltering under her umbrella, a young girl makes for a sweet but challenging portrait.

Tree roots, Ta Prohm 2

Tree roots, bas-reliefs, shadows, monochrome

tree roots, stone ruins, bas-reliefs and all their shadows, lend themselves beautifully to black and white.

Apsara, Ta Phrom in monochrome.

Changing light and the careful observer

We all like to think we understand and appreciate the quality of light we are working with but it’s worth taking the time to really look and study the scene intently.

carved stone doorway

Golden doorway, Ta Prohm

I was stopped in my tracks by the extraordinary light which transformed a grey stone doorway into a seemingly metallic surface

The yellow leaf, Ta Phrom

The yellow leaf, Ta Prohm

whilst this location lends itself beautifully to black and white, some subjects demand colour.