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Lightroom process versions

The not so subtle changes between Adobe Lightroom process versions.

China revisited.

late afternoon looking across Hong Kong Harbour.   The humid weather makes for a hazy,  “watery” sunset.

Winter in Australia

A snow-covered road to Victoria’s Lake Mountain, outside Melbourne, is a timely reminder that parts of Australia don’t always comply with the preconceived image

a message from Adobe

The Great Adobe Lightroom ripoff.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, a good product. Sadly it comes with Adobe’s Shameful Discriminatory Pricing Policy.

Landing gear down! Laysan Albatross preparing to land

Midway Atoll and a Laysan Albatross prepares to land, wings extended and feet down. A scene that lends itself to toned black and white …

Red-footed booby on nest Midway Atoll

Red Footed Booby on nest, Midway Atoll.  Same image,  two versions.   A red footed booby sits on a nest of twigs,  Eastern Island,  Midway Atoll.

Waimoku Falls, Maui.

A slow shutter speed gives the water of Maui’s Waimoku Falls a soft silky appearance

Ka’anapali Beach, Maui.

Using Adobe Lightroom to make the most of a beach scene.

Palmtrees, Honolulu

Using Lightroom to create a bold,  graphic image, out of a mundane photograph.

A lazy afternoon in Bangkok

waiting for the sunset, there was a little time to spare and so it was time to explore the local brew