Category : Midway Atoll

Homeward bound, silhouetted seabird

An albatross silhouetted against the sky at sunset, Midway Atoll.

Rusting away, Midway Atoll.

Midway Atoll is historically significant as the site of a pivotal air and sea battle during World War Two, some rusting relics from that era remain.

Midway Atoll, discarded mask

An experiment in colours and textures! ….like?…dislike?…wondering what’s the point?

Danger…wear goggles

“Danger…wear goggles…” An experiment in colours and textures!

Photographing Albatross, something less obvious!

The content of today’s image is the result of observation, planning and a bit of good timing, not compositing or overlaying of images.

Landing gear down! Laysan Albatross preparing to land

Midway Atoll and a Laysan Albatross prepares to land, wings extended and feet down. A scene that lends itself to toned black and white …

Gray-backed Tern, Midway Atoll

A fairly difficult species to get a decent picture of, this species tended to be rather skittish and wouldn’t tolerate a close approach.

Red-footed booby on nest Midway Atoll

Red Footed Booby on nest, Midway Atoll.  Same image,  two versions.   A red footed booby sits on a nest of twigs,  Eastern Island,  Midway Atoll.

Great Frigatebird on Nest.

A male Great Frigatebird sits on its nest displaying its breeding plummage.