Midway Atoll, discarded mask

From my 2011 visit to Midway Atoll in the central Pacific.    In addition to being a haven for seabirds,  Midway also has a colourful history as the scene of a pivotal naval battle in World War 2.

Abandoned relics

The US Navy had an important presence on the atoll for several years before withdrawing and leaving it in the protection of the US Fisheries and Wildlife people. To this day there are numerous rusting relics from that era still evident including damaged hangars and workshops.    In a way, it has the feel of a ghost town where things have simply been abandoned.    Upon looking into one of these old buildings,  this is the scene I observed.    I felt that a brown-toned monochrome was appropriate and I pushed the contrast as well.

Abandoned welder’s mask, Midway Atoll.

This photograph is part of the Midway Atoll image gallery. ~KD