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stairway to Chapter House, Wells Cathedral, England.

Stairway to Chapter House, Wells Cathedral

The wearing down of the stone steps by so many feet over so many years, the religious connotations of ascending towards the light….

History and the milling crowd

History and the milling crowd

Visiting historic or scenic locations is a joy but all too often it’s a joy shared with a multitude of like minded people. The challenge, photographically, is how to present the subject when the subject is loved to death by crowds of people.

Stonehenge vertical format

Stonehenge in black and white

All photos were taken handheld with wider focal lengths, between 16mm and 50mm, on a full frame 35mm camera. Whilst the images work reasonably in colour, the location and subject matter lends itself well to monochrome.

Winchester Cathedral interior

Photographing Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral, one of the largest in Europe, with the greatest overall length of any Gothic cathedral. I decided to go with the sepia toned monochrome treatment for this interior shot.

Apsara, Ta Phrom in monochrome.

Changing light and the careful observer

We all like to think we understand and appreciate the quality of light we are working with but it’s worth taking the time to really look and study the scene intently.

Midway Atoll, discarded mask

An experiment in colours and textures! ….like?…dislike?…wondering what’s the point?

Hanuman’s Tomb, Delhi.

I processed this image in Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro.   The monochrome effect seemed appropriate for such an historic site.

A Study in Stone

Split toning in monochrome helps make the most of a historic location.

The bell tower, Xian

The city of Xian in China is best known for its amazing terracotta warriors,  however there are other interesting things to see there including the bell tower

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