Wave over sandbar, Midway Atoll

Something less obvious.    The main focus on Midway Atoll is the wildlife,  specifically the seabirds that nest there,  and the history associated with the US Navy’s involvement with the atoll during the second world war.   However, today’s image is what I’ll call a selective seascape!

Using long telephoto lenses

With the 500mm lens and 1.4x teleconverter fitted,  I isolated a tiny wave that formed over a sandbar a short distance off the beach.    I wasn’t interested in the “grand landscape/seascape” here,  I wanted to pick out a detail and in doing so try for something a bit more minimalist.    The composition became quite simple and so did the colour palette.

Wave over sandbar, Midway Atoll.

Part of the Midway Atoll image gallery.  ~KD.