China revisited.

I’m currently rebuilding my gallery of China photos having visited there in both 1999 and 2001.  Today I’m displaying an image from the first trip,  a late afternoon shot looking across Hong Kong Harbour.   The weather was humid and it was common during my visit for the skies to become increasingly hazy as the days progressed.    The image shows a characteristic “watery” sunset.  Of course, the image was originally taken on 35mm colour negative film,  a Pentax SF7 with 28-80mm zoom lens was used, camera settings are long forgotten.     Years later the negative was scanned into the computer so that it could be processed to a jpeg for internet display.

Initial processing was done in Lightroom,  setting the white and black points,  some noise reduction (concealing film grain, not digital noise of course) and some sharpening.   Following that, the image was taken into Photoshop CS5 and further tweaked using Nik Silver Efex Pro plug-in.     A subtle sepia toning was used.

Watery sunset, Hong Kong Harbour