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Pyramids in sepia

Some of the pyramids are believed to have been built over a period of about 20 years and would have required a workforce of as many as 200,000 people.

Salisbury Cathedral

Photographing Salisbury Cathedral

a considerable amount of work was done in Lightroom and particularly in Photoshop to arrive at the finished image.

The Italian Rowing Club, Tigre, Argentina.

Green, white and red, and high ISO

An exercise in digital noise suppression using multiple images in Photoshop

China revisited.

late afternoon looking across Hong Kong Harbour.   The humid weather makes for a hazy,  “watery” sunset.

The making of a monochrome panorama.

The Galapagos Islands provides landscape as well as wildlife photography opportunities. A step by step guide to achieving a pleasing black and white panorama

Door lock, Haridwar

an example of digital image processing.  Changes to contrast and colour saturation were made both globally and with specific local adjustments.

Laysan Albatross, photo, photo-art, illustration.

At what point does a photo become art? At what point does a photo become an illustration? A deliberately overexposed image was the basis for a piece of art

Two leaves, an exercise in image processing.

a simple botanical study,  two leaves,  one laying on top of another, however it proved to be an interesting exercise in image processing using Photoshop.

Photo Realism to Photo Illustration to …….Photo Art?

Today’s image is such a case where we go from photo realism to photo illustration to …. well…(maybe)….photo art.

Woman at window, Varanasi

A woman stands at a window looking over the Ganges at Varanasi, India.