Laysan Albatross, photo, photo-art, illustration.

At what point does a photo become art?    At what point does a photo become an illustration?   Well, I don’t claim to have the answers to these questions,  and you probably have your own feelings on such subjects as well.   So I’ll leave you to decide for yourself which of those descriptions (if any of them) are appropriate to today’s offering.

What I will say about today’s picture (notice how I carefully avoided the categories I just outlined  ;-))   is that it was not the result of any mistake but was a deliberate act.  What I mean by that is,  that it was no accident that the original image was overexposed by about 3 stops,  but a creative decision.   I couldn’t be certain in the field as to just how the final image might look post processing but knew that I wanted a high key image with blown-out highlights and background.    In the end, I went further with the processing than I initially planned.    Yes,  I went with the high key approach but recently I’ve been experimenting with textures as well and so what you see is the result of both techniques being used.

High key, Laysan Albatross, Midway Atoll.

This image is part of the Midway Atoll image gallery.   ~KD.