Running for take off

The Albatross is graceful once in the air,  and its flight appears effortless,  but getting airborne is a different matter.   The bird needs to run flat out to get up enough speed to get off the ground. Here a Laysan Albatross uses the downhill slope of a sand dune to help propel itself.    (Couldn’t think of a suitable hashtag for this one.   Maybe should have waited a couple of days and invent “takeoff Tuesday” 🙂  ~KD

Running to take off. Laysan Albatross, Midway Atoll.

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Csaba János Szente 4 Dec 2011 This is “flywalking” ? Superb

John Spade 5 Dec 2011 Really cool shot

Christa Niederer 14 Dec 2011 Great action shot and I particularly like the colour composition in this image!

– Kevin Dowie 14 Dec 2011 Thank you all for your comments, much appreciated!

Елена Ващукова 27 Dec 2011 What a nice very moment!