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Landing gear down! Laysan Albatross preparing to land

Midway Atoll and a Laysan Albatross prepares to land, wings extended and feet down. A scene that lends itself to toned black and white …

Running for take off

The Albatross is graceful once in the air,  and its flight appears effortless,  but getting airborne is a different matter.

Laysan Albatross, photo, photo-art, illustration.

At what point does a photo become art? At what point does a photo become an illustration? A deliberately overexposed image was the basis for a piece of art

Laysan Albatross, pan and blur.

Pan and Blur Photography explained.  A Laysan Albatross skims by a setting wave on Midway Atoll.

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Cute and fluffy. Albatross chick, Midway Atoll

At 8 weeks of age, the albatross chick is still covered in down and, with no natural predators is unconcerned by humans, allowing for some close …

Seabirds of Kilauea Point, Kaua’i

Kilauea Point on the island of Kaua’i provides some great opportunities to see and photograph seabirds as they soar by the cliffs.