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a wave of poppies

Plymouth Naval Memorial

the Plymouth Naval Memorial, adorned with a mass of red ceramic poppies, commemorates the roughly 23,000 Royal Navy personnel of the World Wars, who were lost or buried at sea.

Stonehenge vertical format

Stonehenge in black and white

All photos were taken handheld with wider focal lengths, between 16mm and 50mm, on a full frame 35mm camera. Whilst the images work reasonably in colour, the location and subject matter lends itself well to monochrome.

Salisbury Cathedral

Photographing Salisbury Cathedral

a considerable amount of work was done in Lightroom and particularly in Photoshop to arrive at the finished image.

Winchester Cathedral interior

Photographing Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral, one of the largest in Europe, with the greatest overall length of any Gothic cathedral. I decided to go with the sepia toned monochrome treatment for this interior shot.

Horse Guards Palace, London

Horse Guards Palace, London

I had a good sky to work with and chose to place the building low in the frame to take advantage of it.

London’s historic Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey

a more conventional view of London’s historic Westminster Abbey.

multi shot composite

Westminster Abbey and the multi shot composite.

the stack mode composite method can be a great way to deal with digital noise when using high ISOs to photograph static subjects in low light, however the technique can also be useful as a compositing system more generally.

Jaguar E Type

Drool-worthy historic cars

Historic cars, gleaming chrome, polished paintwork and intricate details.

Dappled light on green wall, La Boca.

Street Art – La Boca, Buenos Aires

the port district of La Boca, home to a great deal of colourful street art.

green scarf graffiti Buenos Aires

Green scarf graffiti

I have mixed feelings about graffiti but consider it of interest where an issue or idea is expressed or genuine artistic ability is displayed. In this case the green scarf is a powerful symbol of an important social/political movement.

Mausoleum of General San Martín.

Cathedral in monochrome, Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral interior images lend themselves well to black and white.


The Main Nave

Metropolitan Cathedral, Buenos Aires

One of the challenges in photographing the building interiors was the relatively low light levels and the need to shoot handheld.