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Sulphur Butterfly


Sulphur Butterfly, photographed in the Manglares Churute Ecological Reserve, Ecuador.

Galápagos marine iguana

Galápagos marine iguana

A common sight in the Galapagos is the Galápagos marine iguana, which can be seen in large numbers basking on the seashore.

Lava lizard, Galapagos Islands.

Lava lizard basking on rock

the lizard is coloured to blend in with the local rocks.

crab hanging on

Crab hanging on

The Sally Lightfoot crab is a common sight in the Galapagos. I observed several clinging to rocks as waves splashed over them. A slow shutter speed emphasised the movement of the water.

Galapagos Brown Pelican

Galapagos Brown Pelican

The Galapagos Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis urinator) an endemic species and common resident of the Galapagos.


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Honest Abe, misinformation and the role of social media.

Myth, misinformation and the role of social media

the role of social media in promoting misinformation explored.

stairway to Chapter House, Wells Cathedral, England.

Stairway to Chapter House, Wells Cathedral

The wearing down of the stone steps by so many feet over so many years, the religious connotations of ascending towards the light….

History and the milling crowd

History and the milling crowd

Visiting historic or scenic locations is a joy but all too often it’s a joy shared with a multitude of like minded people. The challenge, photographically, is how to present the subject when the subject is loved to death by crowds of people.

running through the square, Bath.

Bath, running through the square

I couldn’t have anticipated the exact movements of the people, however, on reviewing the sequence of images, it was obvious that the presence of the children playing and running exuberantly through the square was key.

St Michaels Mount, Cornwall.

Late afternoon sky over St Michael’s Mount

Late afternoon sky over St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall.

colour or black and white, St Michael's Mount

Monochrome or Colour – St Michael’s Mount

The mount has been the subject of myth and legend for centuries. Some of these stories, recorded as far back as 495AD. I do like the blue sky but I think there is a heightened sense of drama with the monochrome. Only minor adjustments were made to contrast values.