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Tag : Varanasi

Man in white, Varanasi

A rather striking man in white. His white head covering at once frames his face and contrasts with his dark complexion. Varanasi, India.

Human elements, Varanasi

Geometric elements, lines, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal, can help a photo’s composition. Introducing a human element can take it to another level.

Hands of the boatman, Varanasi.

“it breaks all the rules…but it kind of works!”

boats, boats and more boats, Varanasi.

Boats, boats and more boats! A recurring, and fairly obvious, theme on the River Ganges at Varanasi.

Boat and flags, Varanasi

A small aperture was used to give sufficient depth of field, whilst the shutter speed was just fast enough to stop the movement of the flags

Boatful of people, Varanasi, India

A boatful of people makes its way along the Ganges,  a common sight at Varanasi.

The Bell, Varanasi.

A case for (occasionally) chopping off someone’s head in a photograph.

sewing machine

The Sewing Machine Repair Shop.

a multimedia project documenting the activities of a family-run sewing machine repair shop in Varanasi, India. “The Sewing Machine Repair Shop”