Human elements, Varanasi

Whilst many of the “people” photographs that I took during my recent India trip took the form of close up portraits, there were other shots that simply used human elements within a larger picture. These photos were taken alongside the River Ganges at Varanasi.

Man reading a book, Varanasi, India.

I liked the idea here that the man was quite engrossed in his book whilst being dwarfed by the huge script all around him.

Woman and staircase, Varanasi

This shot may look familiar?    Until recently a cropped version of this image was being used as a scrolling banner at the top of my blog page.   This was a case of noticing the various geometric elements,  lines,  horizontal, vertical and diagonal,  having a composition in mind and then waiting for a subject to oblige by walking through the frame.   A similar approach to that used in the “woman in a red sari” image which I posted a week or two ago.

A pair of feet, Varanasi.

Once again a human element within a larger picture.   I was drawn to the graphic elements of lines,  colours and shapes, but am most pleased with the inclusion of the,  perhaps not so obvious,  human element.   Whimsical?