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Boats at Varanasi, revisited.

Sunrise over India’s mighty Ganges River provided a warm light over some boats moored at the water’s edge. Nik’s Color Efex Pro helped …

Girl with Parrot, Varanasi.

The candid photo: An example of when the photo relies on a girl being engrossed in what she was doing and being unaware of the camera.

A stack of pots, Varanasi

Cheaply made clay pots are a common sight in India,  this stack of pots in Varanasi,  with the detail in the wall behind,  made a carefully composed still life.

The hand, Varanasi

“The Hand, Varanasi.”   “What does it mean?”

Girl on a boat Varanasi

Of all the passengers,  only the young girl is aware of and facing the camera

Pan and blur techniques

Mastering pan and blur photo technique on the streets of India.

Woman at window, Varanasi

A woman stands at a window looking over the Ganges at Varanasi, India.

Waiting for sunrise, Varanasi

Pre-dawn and there is a stillness to the air, a quietness, even a sense of mystery. A man sits serenely, at one with his thoughts

Golden sunrise, Varanasi

In this case,  the “golden” sunrise is due very much to the image processing rather than the atmospheric conditions at the time.

Boats at sunrise, Varanasi.

Boats at sunrise at Varanasi on the River Ganges. It was very early morning with some pleasing colour in the sky being reflected in the water.